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An endless hypervelocity racer set in the far-off future year of 1999.
Δ-RIFT HYPER: An endless hypervelocity racer
A simple fast-paced racing game for both mobile & desktop, created for the Opera GX Mobile Game Jam. NOTE: the game is targeted for the Opera GX browser. It might or might not work on other (mobile) browsers.
  • You accelerate automatically
  • Touch the screen to steer, drift, brake & boost
  • Running out of time = game over
  • Reach the next checkpoint to extend your time
  • Crashing into walls slows you down
  • Fly through charge gates to increase your charge meter - more charge makes you faster
  • Drifting and picking up **boost cores **increases your boost meter - double tap to activate the boost
  • Drag sideways to turn
  • Drag sideways + down to drift
  • Drag down to brake
  • Double tap to activate boost
  • Swipe left/right to dodge sideways
Note: you can touch anywhere on the screen to steer [Desktop: use mouse to control]
  • F1 to change camera mode
  • ESC to pause/quit/cancel
  • If your device can't run it a steady 30/60 fps, you might experience jittering (you can change the FPS target in the settings)
  • Sometimes the track generates overlapping segments
  • Lag spikes can cause the ship to phase though walls / checkpoints / charge rings
  • If you try hard enough, you can probably ram through walls
  • The camera can clip through walls
  • Depending on the device, there can be visual errors such as low-quality textures
  • Music by Astral
  • Sound effects:
  • Little Robot Sound Factory //
  • Kenney //
  • Some of the sounds in this project were created by ViRiX Dreamcore
Number of plays7,757
Release date16 Oct, 2022
Last updated16 Oct, 2022
Game engineGameMaker
Maturity ratingAll ages
Game is suitable for all ages.
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