Tyranny of The Mulch King(Update 2)
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Tyranny of The Mulch King(Update 2)

Tyranny of The Mulch King is a tower defence game about lawn mowing. Use things like mowers, weed eaters, leaf blowers plus more to defend yourself against waves of grass!
Update 2 is here and brings lots of features with it! Improved visuals, an upgrades shop, and more! Scott McGlitter is a lawn mowing legend, and recently he has retired from cutting grass. Unfortunately for him, all the clippings he created over the years formed into the Mulch King, whose only goal is to kill Scott for all the grass he murdered. But Scott was just doing his job and wants to enjoy retirement, so he hires you, the next lawn mowing legend, to use landscaping equipment to stop The Mulch King’s army of grass clippings and allow Scott to enjoy the rest of his life.
DeveloperPluneasy studio
Number of plays285
Release date04 May, 2024
Last updated04 May, 2024
Game engineGameMaker
Maturity ratingAll ages
Game is suitable for all ages.
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