Tetra Rogue (a tetris rogue-like)
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Starting Game
Enter KeyStart game
Escape KeyRestart game
Enter KeyPause/unpause
A.DMove piece left/right
Left/Right ArrowRotate piece left/right
Down Arrow180 rotation
WHold piece
SSoft drop
Up ArrowHard drop
SpaceMid drop
1Activate Freehand
2Activate Freeby
While in Freehand
MousePosition piece
Left/Right ClickRotate piece left/right
SpacePlace piece
GX Menu

Tetra Rogue (a tetris rogue-like)

The game of Tetris given new life as a rogue-like
Each room gives you an objective, complete the objective before time runs out (3 mins per room) to move on to the next room . Successfully completing a room will randomly give you an ability (Freehand or Freeby). Other additions have been made to the classic Tetris gameplay such as mid drops and O-spins. You can change controls in the start screen. First press the input associated with the control you want to change, then press the input you want to use for that control. (certain inputs like f1-12 aren't allowed and will result in the input being reset if chosen)
Freehand Ability:
With this ability you can freely place the current piece wherever you want in whatever rotation you desire (even in the air!), as long as there is nothing in the way.
Freeby Ability:
Freely choose any piece you want (replaces current piece, doesn't affect pieces in the queue)
DeveloperSubblin studio
Number of plays4,519
Release date30 Sep, 2023
Last updated11 Apr, 2024
Game engineGameMaker
Maturity ratingAll ages
Game is suitable for all ages.
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