Just Until Dawn
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Just Until Dawn

An hour after twilight and you are being hunted by a nightmare entity. Your only saving grace is the light that you carry. Can you survive until dawn?
  • Casting the light spell reduces your mana by one
VERSION UPDATE: 10-24-2022
  • Slight narrative change of the starting card
  • Better readability of the swiping option text
  • Options text has been moved to the top of the screen instead of under the thumb (duh!)
  • Dying actually takes away the heart icon
VERSION UPDATE: 10-20-2022
  • Enhanced inventory tracking of adding and removing items
  • After death, restarting a run properly resets inventory and stats
  • Proper tracking of multiple-use items
  • The card library was updated to the beta version and not the alpha version like it was supposed to be
  • Unfinished story branches default to the END_OF_DEMO card to prevent game crashes
  • Typos fixed and better descriptions in some existing cards
  • Flicking a card now actually flicks it, as opposed to the card slowly traveling left or right
  • Fixed light level indicators and particle effects for the torch
  • Death card claws no longer hide the swipe option text
_____________________________________________________________ An hour after twilight and you are being hunted by a nightmare entity. You have lost track of time and are far from home. You know better than to be out at night in these woods. A storm is brewing in the distance and you're almost out of supplies. The light is your saving grace as it sears the flesh from the nightmare horror that stalks you. Can you survive until dawn?
  • Swipe Left or Right and choose how your story evolves
  • Do you survive by skills alone or does magic flow through you?
  • Craft torches, summon magical orbs of light, and seek refuge (you hope?) in a witch's home
DeveloperOther Realms Workshop
Number of plays1,471
Release date18 Oct, 2022
Last updated03 Nov, 2022
Game engineGameMaker
Maturity rating10+
Game is suitable for anyone the age of 10 or above.
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