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Pet simulator with little fishy boi.
left click - interact / choose / pet right click - grab things
How To Play
Go around from area to area to complete various idle activities to earn coins. Open the shop menu from the HUD to buy food, seeds for planting in the Garden & more monster eggs. You can pet your monster and feed them. Take them with you to another room by using the monster tray from the HUD. Store items in your inventory if you want to move stuff around. The idea is just to turn off your brain and do some simple idle tasks to collect coins & keep obtaining more monsters. The monsters can use the Training Ground activities to bulk up and get coins racked up while you're not around. Many activities to do. Catch some fish, plant seeds, kick a ball around, pop bubbles, give your monsters a bath, all kinds of stuff. There is no rush to do anything, just vibe out how you want and get some early 2000's PC game nostalgia. * You can also change music tracks through the soundtrack of 6 songs or disable music via the HUD
Splitfish - Coding ( Gamemaker 2 ) 2D character and HUD art ( Procreate, Paint 3D ) BubblegumWalrus - 3D environmental art ( Paint 3D ) Flacko Gigante - Music ( Made fresh for the jam )
New Year New Jam " RELAX "
--- This is a submission for the New Year, New Jam "RELAX". We knew it was a big idea, but wanted to go for it anyway. The game is unfinished for sure. We think it still serves as a really nice tech demo for what could be done to evolve it further. We're super proud of how far we got with this! The team was Splitfish with the coding & 2D artwork, Bubblegumwalrus made the 3D environmental and item artwork. We got all freshly made music from FlackoGigante as well! All assets were made from scratch for the jam. All of the 3D objects have textures that were taken from around our homes. Sound effects used JSFXR, really planned on taking more time with sound design, but it is what it is! --- Anyway! I hope this can be enjoyed for what it is! We're gonna keep working on it because we really wanna see it come together and add all that we wanted to add. More monsters ( we had one other one 90% done D : ), stats, mini games, collectables & a much deeper system with the pets and how they behave / level up. We dreamed too big for this jam, but that's okay. Have had a blast working so hard on this & it still serves pretty well for what it is.
* Found and fixed a good amount of bugs & crashes *
Developersplitfish studio
Number of plays4,727
Release date18 Jan, 2023
Last updated03 Oct, 2023
Game engineGameMaker
Maturity ratingAll ages
Game is suitable for all ages.
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