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Vandomizer 120: The Sound Mixer-Upper
Vandomizer 120: The Sound Mixer-Upper
More of a toy than a game I'd say... I made it to scratch a very specific itch and to help people get over artist's block! Oh and it's also a neat visualizer c:
Vandomizer 120: The Sound Mixer-Upper details

If you have fun, leave me a good review and make sure you favorite the game!

Vandomizer 120: The Audio Mixer-Upper

When I get stuck creatively, or just find myself playing the same stuff over and over sometimes just picking samples at random and working within new limitations really draws out the creative juices.

Note: gxc.gg does not have FULL keypad support like if you downloaded it on itch.io. GXC users just need to use the alternate control layout (view the help channel in game if you're stuck.)

Find a use for the keypad.

Turns your keypad on your keyboard in to a complete beat making toy. Designed to use on all keypads, and even all standalone wireless ones. ( MIDIKey2Key is pretty cool for this as well especially if you're playing on GXC. )

Get weird with a massive bank of always changing sounds.

Every time you hit the random button all the pads get mixed up. There's no way to control it or change the outcome. You work with what you get!

Mod what you do have.

Volume mix and pitch bend any of the samples. Fine tune the samples given to match your liking.

Once I fully finish this and iron out the bugs I'll be uploading it to steam for 99 cents with a huge sound library and FX update. There will always be a free version on GXC and vangriffin.itch.io ! I'm also working on a lightweight multiplatform sampler for recording audio and looping, follow me @byvangriffin to stay up to date.