Bullet Dash
Challenge your friends (or the AI) in this chaotic, fast paced multiplayer game for up to 4 players! The best jumper wins!
Bullet Dash details

Bullet Dash is a fast-paced, tense multiplayer racing game. Become the Lord of the Leap, the King of the Climb, the Baron of the Bounce, the Duke of the Double-Jump, and show up to 4 of your friends (or AI) how truly lacking they are in the race to the top of the tower!

Use your double jump to gain height and then jump off of the bullets flying through the air! Dodge red obstacles, hit the bonus jumper pads, and bounce your way to victory at the top! Each race the layout of the tower changes, so you'll have to think on your feet as you climb.


Ultimate Jumper Challenge

Bullet Dash also now features the Ultimate Jumper Challenge. See how far you can climb in a procedurally generated infinite tower competing against the scores of other players online. As you climb, the view follows you up, but if you fail a jump or mistime a clutch bullet grab and fall below the bottom of the view, your run comes to an end. You'll be judged based on how many metres you managed to climb.




Arrow Keys - Movement

Space - Jump

Escape - Cancel


Left Stick - Movement

A/X - Jump

B/O - Cancel