Space Gang
A retro shoot em up with a unique abduction mechanic: You are an UFO! Abduct enemy ships to make them fight for you, effectively forming your own space gang!
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Space Gang details
SPACE GANG V1.2 IS OUT! Check below for more information.

Space Gang is a game inspired in classic arcade shoot em ups with a neon aesthetic.

Battle against diferent types of enemies and abduct them to gain their aid in battle!

This game was made for the #OperaGXGameJam.


Keyboard: Arrow keys + [space bar]

Gamepad: D-pad + (A)

Mouse: Your character follows the cursor. Hold left click to abduct.

Version 1.2

With this new version, Space Gang is now fully integrated into GXC! With many changes:

  • A menu where you can select which challenge you want to play in-game.
  • A customize menu in which you can turn on/off music, select input type and choose the sprite and color for your character.
  • Super minions! Gather 5 instances of the same enemy and they will fuse into a giant, powerfull minion!
  • A new challenge: Pointy Shenanigans!
  • Many bug fixes

We are planning on expanding the game even more! We have many things we are excited for you to try out in the future, so keep an eye out! To begin with, we are planning on bringing 2 player mode back.


If you want to contact us you can send us an email to

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Thank you for playing Space Gang!

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