Star Trader
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Star Trader

Trade the stars in this 2d based trading simulation game.
++Star Trader Overview++ Star Trader is a 2d based Simulation game. You venture from Space Station to Space Station trading goods, buying for low and selling for high, to make as much profit as you can. Buy deeds in the stars to earn a passive daily income, and when you own all 100 deeds in the star you can sell it to move onto bigger and more valuable stars. What will you encounter along the way, maybe a hidden space cache of goodies, an asteroid belt, or some troublesome space pirates ready to battle you for your wares. Looks like you better head to your hangar and upgrade your ship, strengthen your hull, fire up the lasers and take flight once more. ++DEVELOPMENT UPDATE 24/02/2023++ Hello, welcome to the first update in the development of Star Trader. Star Trader was a hobby project I started a while ago which I have recently jumped back into and have started making progress with again. If you remember the old trading simulation games such as Drug Wars or Dope Wars this may be just up your street. They serve as heavy inspiration for Star Trader, you will spend your time travelling between Space Stations trading your goods for profits. I have the core mechanics of the trading implemented where you can change Space Systems, buy and sell goods, and buy deeds in the stars and sell the stars. So far there are 3 stars you can buy deeds in, each increasing in value, however more will be added. The things I will be working on moving forward will include implementation of the hangar, so you have your own up-gradable ship, which will prove useful in some of the random events I hope to include along the way. Space caches full of goodies, asteroid belts, space pirates, black market details and space police. The graphics will change further into the development too, current graphics are mainly placeholders and will be looking to smooth them out before the game is complete.
DeveloperDomino Productions
Number of plays207
Release date09 Mar, 2023
Last updated10 Mar, 2023
Game engineGameMaker
Maturity ratingAll ages
Game is suitable for all ages.
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