Gunk Night
After a run in with a rabid raccoon, Bellamy transforms in the moonlight to a rolling raccoon with an insatiable urge to spread gunk! In the day she'll be at your door ready to clean, for a fee of course. Have a blast with this satisfying Platformer!
Gunk Night details

Hello! This is our teams submission for the GXC #NoticeMe 2 week game jam with the theme "Then the Night Changed Everything"! Have fun playing!

Gunk Night is a fast paced and satisfying platformer with 2 distinct phases. At night you transform into a raccoon with an urge to roll and spread gunk to every nook and cranny of the level. Use the roll ability to break objects and displace larger items around the level to rack up bonus points. During the day, you run a raccoon cleanup service (Raccoon Maiden, LLC) and only feel a little guilty about it. Using a wetvac to cleanup the mess, vacuum up and down the walls and ceiling, sucking up everything along the way. Also use the vacuum to carry displaced items to their original positions.



Movement: Arrow Keys (press down while standing on pass through platforms to drop down)

Jump: [ Z ]

Roll / Vacuum: [ X ]

**Gamepad **(currently tested with xbox)

Movement: Left stick

Jump: ( A )

Roll / Vacuum: ( B )

Try beating our total high scores on the challenge page!


The Team

Patrick Hill (code, art, sound)

Sam Bragg (art)

Aron Hommas (code, shader wizard)

Tristan Deniet (music, sound)\_deniet


While cleaning out a shed on the job (maid), Bellamy had a run in with a rabid and particularly filthy raccoon. Rolling out from a trash bin, the raccoon leaped out and attacked. Bellamy took a good scratch and was granted a bit of a mess...

Feeling ill after the encounter, that night she went to bed early and had a vivid nightmare reliving the experience...but when she awoke in the middle of the night, she had become a raccoon with an urge to roll, spread gunk, and destroy! A colossal rampage ensued, leaving filth in every corner of the house.

After the experience of destroying her own home, Bellamy came to her senses. That day she spent a long time cleaning up the mess, vacuuming up and down the walls, restoring items, and vacuuming up broken bits. After that experience, she had an epiphany...If she's going to turn into a raccoon rolling and destroying beyond her control...she may as well target her business specifically for Raccoon Cleanup ;)

Bug fix / Change log

  • Addressed some performance issues in cleaning phase
  • Optimized clean % calculations. Game should run consistently smooth now!
  • Added ability to skip cutscenes (any speed runners out there?)
  • Added high score challenge (who can beat me :)
  • Fixed bug with vacuum sound playing when audio turned off in settings
  • Updating draw depth on displaceable items so they are easier to spot
  • Added helper visual to better indicate requirements for cleaning completeness
  • Addressed some buggy behavior with vacuum and tweaked some vars to make it feel stickier
  • Updated high score challenge to post at end of level score screen