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About Nocturne Games

Nocturne Games is the name that I use to create and distribute the games that I make. My actual job is Technical Writer for Asobo Studio ( working on the Microsoft Flight Simulator SDK, but in my spare time – between eating, sleeping and spending time with my wonderful children – I make games for pleasure using the powerful software suite GameMaker Studio. Since the birth of the beloved ZX Spectrum I’ve had a passion for computers and for making games, and now, thanks to YoYo Games and their product, I have been able to indulge in this passion more than ever and can now share my creations with you on multiple platforms.

Apart from making games, I occasionally collaborate with my friends on various blogs, and I administrate the helpful and friendly GameMaker Community support forums ( I have been technical editor on various books for GameMaker – including "GameMaker: Studio for Dummies" and "GameMaker Essentials" – and you can follow what I’m up to currently on these social networks:


You can also find some of my games from the following links:


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30 Sep 2021
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