Notice me Leena-senpai!
Cloud saves
Game state is automatically saved to the cloud when you are playing. The last 5 saves are stored in the “Latest” group, if you want to find older saves you can open the “Daily saves” for snapshots from each day.
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Controls for Title Menu
WASD Move and Add/Subtract
ESelect and Cancel
Controls for the Grid during Build Mode:
WASD Controls movement on the grid
E Select and Confirm
Q Sell selected Tower
Spacebar Cancel
Escape Skip the remaining timer and start the wave
Controls during Purchase Mode
AD Cycle through towers available for purchase
E Select and Confirm
Spacebar Cancel
Controls during Leena Mode
WS Move Up or Down
Spacebar Shoot magic at enemies
Controls for Cutscenes
SpacebarSkip cutscene
EContinue the dialogue
Keyboard Controls
GX Menu

Notice me Leena-senpai!

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